Thursday, November 22, 2012

Blessings in the Crumbs

thankfulness doesn't need to come in a package
or a dish
it doesn't need to be grandiose or one of a kind.
 your thankfulness doesn't need to be thought through in the grins, and award winning moments
and it doesn't need to only come one a year, once a week, or every now and then that one time..

thankfulness encompasses everything you do, and people you come in contact with.
thankfulness happens every morning, and every moment you take another step forward;
you can be thankful for the grandiose, and you can acknowledge the small crumbs in your life.
you can be thankful for the moments of fogginess that led to these present realizations, and  you can be thankful for those times that were unmonumental that led you up to where you are standing today.
thankfulness is east and west, it's yesterday and tomorrow and it can be taller than any skyscraper.

Thankfulness is embodied in every second of my day, because  I'm alive. 
Take a second, and be thankful; you are a monumental creation.

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