Tuesday, May 31, 2011

needing a pause

this is one of those nights
when not even the
rapid rate of the cricket's rhythm
can keep up with my quickened mind.


Though i have felt so lonely in the heart department, recently
i am so in love
so in love with these little buggers
it refills my heart up every day

and for that, i am grateful

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


this summer has been so consistently inconsistent.

inconsistent with the times i arise from sleep every morning in disguise.
inconsistent with the number of meals im actually eating 
(compared to the consistent one coffee a day during the 24 hour span of last semester)
inconsistent with my dreams, desires, passions and wants for my future.
inconsistent with my feelings of homesickness or comfort of my reality
inconsistent with how i deal with my emotions, my voids, on a daily basis.

im consistently wishing for more proximity
im consistently questioning my own questions
and then consistently answering my own answers.
im consistently driving miles out of my way 
so i can have one constant thought for once in my life.
i consistently desire consistency in my life
yet i remind myself that i am not called to that predictable life
where constants rule
and the antithesis drool.

i wake up to the smell of coffee
to a call from a mom miles away
drive to a job where love pours out
and come home to a house that shows a consistent love too.

We aren't promised tomorrows.
personally, based on my calculations,
consistency is overrated.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

An Even Number, But I'll Deal

42 days.
Forty-two days until i  leave the country
with the only man on this earth that i can say
that i give my whole heart to.
my pappou.

the one who has protected me
through thick and thin
when no one else would.

so cheers to greece
cheers to a departure in 42 days
cheers to the unknown.
cheers to that.