Monday, June 25, 2012

He and I

im usually a lover of all seasons
of new and changing
of fresh and onward
though seasons always result in compromise
and sacrifice.

i feel myself moving through seasons, and not the seasonal
more the destinations of the heart.

though these new chapters and patterns for change, result in inspiration.

i've been blessed by someone sweet in company
and i feel it is necessary to display my gratitude for them in my life
through what i do best:
expression in the arts.

inspired by the song that has held itself on repeat since the moment i met him: 

inspired by love for music represented into the visuals:

inspired by how these lines remind me of where this season is taking him...and how amazing he is going to be here:

thus, the beginning of my creation of the song "rainy zurich", as sound wave visuals, into the philly skyline, as an oil painting.

should be interesting. 

seasons are always changing
always moving aside
trailing along
and moving away, or so it seems..

but they always come back.

Saturday, June 23, 2012


look, look, searching
smooth sailing, my eyes were focued
not even focused on anthing finite, or radient with color
just simply... focused.

i had a, b, and c to accomplish
i had my two feet to stampede through each one
still remaining focused.

roads were clear, the sky was brilliant, and the breeze was clean with hope
i had a hunch that it would be sailing smooth
from here on out.

you know, those calm seas, the fresh-paved roads, the new train car on its first ride
from here on out
i had my focus locked away.

except one day, a bump in the road came into my view.
i felt the sea shake, i heard the train slow a bit.
a, b, and c were told to "hold on a minute, i'll be right back"

when i noticed the bump in the road
at the very same instance
i realized my left foot was unfocused, and my thoughts were going along for the ride.

i had every intention to remain on my path
i had every intention to travel the seas, the tracks, and the apparent bumpy roads independantly
but i simply bumped into someone else, not searching for the bump, we both bumped into.

we were each other's bumps.
we were eachother's beautiful disturbance
we became the soft sea breeze that inhibits sailing
we became the extra set of tracks that veers the train
we became the bump in the road.
we were both so taken back, by this bump in the road.

look, look, searching...
 simply together... focused.

we closed our eyes, we counted to a, b, and c, clasped hands, and hugged in the rain
we took a leap...
but we still haven't fell...
we still haven't hit pavement