Saturday, November 10, 2012

Assisting Direction

sometimes we want what we can't have
other times, we long for what is unattainable
yet, i find my moments are most spent making the turn a half mile too soon.

cruising down crooked roads, short stops, and fast highway signs
this car doesn't know it's own speed.
what happens, you see, is i have my map, my gps, pen and notebook, compass, and extra band-aids all loaded into my car- but no matter how much you prepare for life's demands,  your demands have the ability to float out the window, and life... will always be life. band-aids not included.

so here we are...
my gps  filling the air with his authoritative voice, and suddenly I decide to take my own route..
(I know my way better than a another anyway, right?)

"prepare to turn left"
and then i just kept cruising
i wanted to go new my own way.

and then my tire blew out..
what's a little bump in the road? ... of course i can fix this. I came prepared.
I know my way.
i took out my compass, and stood out in the wind
i stood next to the damage, as the wind insisted it would take me down
and held my compass out, and held it with certainty that it would at least point me in the right direction...
wondered if it would point to tell me how this tire would be fixed...

patched up and ready to keep truckin
i packed up the gps, and unfolded the map that gave me less talk, and more of an overall picture of where i was, and where i wanted to go next.

i drove, put the windows down, embraced the wind, avoided the potholes, and took advice when i got lost.
we don't always have all the right answers, and it took me several wrong turns and a dead end signs to figure out that i was ready to keep at a steady speed instead of racing to my end destination.

sometimes i have to listen to my head and take out my compass. Sometimes, i have to carry on with what i really don't want to and follow the words of others...and yet... sometimes, i have to let the weather be the weather, and accept the change in climate
that's life. 

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