Thursday, September 22, 2011

Art: For Real

i saw and went
i drew and told
i watched and listened
i spoke and answered
i drifted and wandered
i began and remained
i accomplished and experienced....

first day of early field
i think this is what i want to do
until i grow weary

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


to be in this phase of my life again...

Monday, September 19, 2011

Atop a Mountain

that's right. it's that time of year again! Where paint seems to dangle off me like ornaments, and ideas come flowing out like the stream that flows down the alley way. I'm always changing my mind, consistently recreating better ideas for myself, and forever going over color pallets in my head to conger up the best composition for my next painting.

i'll have to admit, it's been so nice, somewhat of a breather even, to just be able to free flow paint. i wrote a blog last year, and i dealt with hard trials and struggles, in my thoughts that i had maybe lost my ability to create any furture artwork... ever. I thought canyons were filling in, mountains were collapsing, and i was converting to a left brained math major. (ha). Glad to say that, if i have an issue, an emotional disruption, or a hard  stumbling block in the way, it shows through my artwork. Its a thrill that right now, i am gladly dealing with any sediment compacted down, i am living in the right-here-right-now, and i am enjoying each breeze that passes by. Life is meant to live. We've got one. It's not like a book, where we can go back, and re-read it again, and re-live it. One shot. So, i figure, at least my paintings will be the best visual evidence that i lived as whole heartedly as i could. God have me talents, He gave me the ability to see color and light in ways that most cannot, so i should celebrate that!
cheers to a new found beauty. Cheers to standing tall, and having a child-like faith. Cheers to this painting that reflects all of that into one.

Lost & Found

As certain as the north star being dead ahead of you

As certain that you check the "f" vs the "m" box on all doctor forms and questionaires

As certain that 6pm will come at the same exact time tomorrow

As certain as the way you grew up, has now affected you as an adult

As certain as the birthmark on your left leg

As certain as the autumn crunch, the winter's glaze, spring cleaning, and the summer lull.

As certain that coke and pepsi are close enough, yet entirely different to form a radical view.

As certain as the two horizontal lines that will never unite, that God lives in my heart, as addition will never be subtraction, as certain that the stars are far, and as certain that it's okay to be uncertain every once in a while.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Yours and Mine

I love love, in all shapes, sizes, ages, and moments in life. Love captures the spirit, and warms every crevice in your body like you never owned it in the first place. Love has a time and place, and it's beautiful when it arrives. Love wins. I love that.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Finally, Let's Celebrate

in a world where moments fall off trees like leaves in the autumn,
and time cannot seem to stay at the party long enough.

in a world where perceptions are exchanged for wonderment
and questions are always answered with more questions.

in a world where you run, and chase, and stumble
and finally let free your hands to find another orange cone.

in a world where mornings turn into grey afternoons, and grow into weary nights
and our sheets come up to our chin and we can start all over again.

in a world where we've grown accustomed to our do's and don'ts
and our neighbors are still figuring the why's and how's about us.

in a world where the ground is ever changing with dampness and color
yet the sky is a continuous exchange of predictable blues.

in a world where my thoughts seem so unique and one of a kind
someone else right now, is having the same struggle many rivers away.

in a world of 196 countries, 7 continents, 1 moon, many fish, and uncountable critters
there will never be another steph berry.

let's celebrate, lets run to another land.