Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Brisk Walk

without haveing to knock my fist on a wooden table three times to ensure i have not been jinxed,
im just going to jump the gun and get to it:
i feel like im at a good place right now.

most days, i feel as if im steadily climbing up a hill...
possibly even a small mountain.
and i'mheavily breathing...
possibly even holding my own lack of oxygen.
im climbing, and tripping, and treading the dirt
and quite possibly, i feel like i'll never get to the top.
i'll get to a good pace
possibly even smile about it.
i'll soak up the sun
and possibly even gloat a little.
i'll look around my surroundings
possibly even wonder how i made it through.
and then, waves come from the sky
boulders wash up on shore
and smiles of success turn into frowns of questioning.
i may brush off my knees, and stand up on my ground again
and begin my journey i am much too familiar with.
so then begins the cycle again..
mountain jogging, oxygen deprivation, and wonderment of "where am i going, and how did i get here?"

today however, i am not jogging, nor sucking in my next breath
possibly im looking around, ready to duck for the next meteor that will ornament the trees
possibly im keeping still, very still, to make sure the fresh fields around me, are actually part of my story line, and not just some dream that may awake me with disapointment.

i feel good.
possibly great.
i feel content
possibly eager.
i feel at ease about trials and jogging, and mountains
possibly even ready enough for a boulder that comes rolling in.
i feel ready, and aware that this feeling can be put into turmoil at any moment.
possibly, quite possibly, i feel like my own body
my own flesh and charisma, and whit
actually belong to me.

i have a feeling i don't need to knock on wood any time soon
possibly, just possibly, i can't jinx it this time.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sewn Thoughts

the air, tonight, is peppered with a shift in thought,
an alteration in captured threads of felted thinking.
not yet being able to solve a solution,
or stategize the strategy,
rather, the task of identifying, is the first toe in the water.
a glance upward, diagonally across, and bending downward
is where i want to be. my 'x' on the treasure map.
no strategy can be given
no solution can be revealed.
just peppered air, allows for both feet to touch the water.
a step in the right direction. 


Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Drive

leaving, passing, driving away from your today
Let the shady air slide through your fingertips
Trees canopying over your speeding travels
let the sunshine melt through your thoughts
lines dissolving into yesterday
let the air current sift through your hair,
passing down the body
and into your conscious.
any doubt wisked out your window.
it's just you and the road.
the wind is your hair.

side note: im ready for fall

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Viable Visuals

I am harmony
Bent through the air
And intertwined with sings and songs
Beneath the tidal wave of the loudest voice
We hang in the sky of pitches and openings into  a new sound
The resonance of fleeting hums and sweeping strums
Of sings and songs
Yours and mine,
Bent through the air,
To become one.
I am harmony.

Friday, August 5, 2011

One Hundreth Post

if you watch the water, 
it's never going to boil.

if you stare at your phone,
it's not ever going to ring.

if you are trying to find your keys
they will show up when you aren't searching.

if you stare at the clock
it will never be the time you want it.

if you need the rain to come
the drought will persist.

if you lost your train of thought,
it will come days later, when the conversation has passed.

if you are looking for someone,
they'll seek you out when you least expect.

so, the hard part is
not ever knowing
when i'll be 'least expecting' it, is.
a catch 22 of waiting.