Thursday, July 5, 2012

Dove in

Since teaching this summer
through two courses at the "academy"
and through my own course outside of school
i have been surrounded by art making,
yet thirsting at all costs.

thank God! Because it finally kicked me in the butt to actually start something.

im about 4/7 done with this...
still need to add the 'details' and windows to le buildings in le soundwave
so far... im surprisingly excited and impressed

the before and after-- i almost want to do another piece, just inspired by the background of this one.
painting is great. i always forget how great it makes me feel.


  1. mama it is stunning!! I want one! whats our song? love you sooo much


  2. gosh you are fantastic. i cant wait to see the finished product! lovelovelove


[insert lovin' here]